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In our digital world where the quick, unconsidered image is abundant, we craft and consider every image we capture.

Welcome to Picture Co, a collective of filmmakers, our principles, ‘the art of film’ for a digital age.

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We have passion, nostalgia and understanding of a time when filmmaking was a labour of love. A vocation that was more than a career but a burning passion to bring stories to the screen. Everything was craft; everything was crafted. Directors saw beyond budgets, and imagination took them well beyond restrictions. We call this the love for ‘the art of film.’
Picture Co, a full-service production company with offices in Gold Coast and Melbourne, was established in 2015. Over the years, the company has earned recognition for its internationally award-winning commercials produced for renowned brands including Mercedes, BMW, Tag Heuer, Tourism Australia and Parks Australia.

With a strong reputation for building lasting partnerships with agencies and brand clients both locally and globally, Picture Co has a proven track record of creating visually stunning, location-based cinematic pieces that have garnered numerous prestigious awards.

In addition to its commercial work, Picture Co also ventures into long-form projects for cinema screens and streaming platforms. Currently, the company has a slate of feature films in development, showcasing its versatility and expertise in the world of filmmaking.

Picture Co is a distinguished provider of multi-award-winning commercial and content creation services, specialising in every aspect of cinematic storytelling, starting from the inception of ideas to the flawless delivery of final outputs.

With an extensive portfolio of collaborations with some of the most prominent global brands, Picture Co is renowned for its unrivalled expertise and access to top-of-the-line production equipment and highly skilled crew.



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