A full service production company based in Melbourne and the Gold Coast, Australia.

We have passion, nostalgia and understanding of a time when film making was a labour of love. A vocation that was more than a career but a burning passion to bring stories to the screen. Everything was craft, everything was crafted. Directors saw beyond budgets and imagination took them well beyond restrictions. We call this the love for ‘the art of film.’

We craft our stories; light is our palette, composition our frame, transforming the ordinary to the beautiful, extraordinary our goal. In our digital world where the quick, unconsidered image is abundant, we craft and consider every image we capture.

Welcome to Picture Co, a collective of filmmakers, all artists in their own right. Our principles, ‘the art of film’ for a digital age.
Picture Co Head Office: Level 1, 474 St Kilda Road, Melbourne 3004 e. info@pictureco.com