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An eight-part adventure documentary series which brings a new paradigm in culinary television.



Join Matt Fowles as he explores the hidden treasures of Australia on a wine and food adventure series like no other. Wine Man. Wild aims to take the viewer on a visual feast inviting them to feel a part of the experience. The series will leave the viewer wanting more, hungry and in the mood to get out and experience the best of what Australia has to offer.

Each episode will be a discovery of all things new; from the people met along the way, the different wine, the foraged food, the hunting experience and even the chef. Aside from the overarching structure and Matt’s guiding hand, every element of every episode will be different from the last, making for a new food adventure each time.

Shot in a truly cinematic style, a hybrid of documentary techniques with dramatic undertones, immersive food coverage and incredible aerials, this series will visually drop you right into some of the country’s most magnificent locations.

Each episode starts by finding the finest wines using Matt’s expertise - years of experience, knowledge and friendship - as he visits a vineyard to learn about the way the wines are crafted. After understanding more about the chosen wine, Matt seeks out the best chef to meet the challenge. The chefs must not only be one of the best, they must be prepared for anything, ready to get their hands dirty, hunt in remote locations, camp out in the wild and be faced with unexpected challenges. There will be no luxuries and everything is shot for real.

Once the chef has been chosen and the destination decided, they’ll be helped along the way by local experts who know all the best spots to source our wild produce. This is when the real adventure begins! They hit the road not knowing what will happen, nor where they will stay, what they will catch and cook. And so the adventure begins.


Pilot complete. Picked up for 8 Eps by SBS. Production halted due to Covid 19.


Created by: Matt Fowles & Stuart Shepherd
Written by: Nathan Christoffel & Stuart Shepherd

Executive Producer: Jim Gall
Head of Production: Mike Gale
Producer: Andrew Scarano
Production Manager: Kristy Christoffel
Senior Project Manager: Clara Lettieri

Director: Nathan Christoffel
Second Unit Director: Matt Cox
Director of Photography: Sam Broeren
Director of Photography: Matt Cox
Camera Assistant: Cam Stewart
Camera Assistant: Robert Sheedon
Underwater Director of Photography: Jarrod Boord
Audio Engineer: Vitaly Zolotarev

Host: Matt Fowles
Wine Maker: Elisa Brown / Nick Brown
Guest Chef: Matt Wilkinson
Mushroom Grower: Paul and Wendy Troughton
Timboon Dairy: Simon Schultz
Crayfish Diver: Wes Cahill
Fish Monger: Alistair McDonald



We craft our stories; light is our palette, composition our frame, transforming the ordinary to the beautiful, extraordinary our goal.
Picture Co is a full-service Gold Coast and Melbourne-based production company creating feature films and commercials. The company was founded in 2015, and has since produced award winning spots for brands such as Mercedes, BMW, Tag Heuer, Tourism Australia, Parks Australian and Visit Victoria.

Picture Co works with advertising agencies and brand clients both locally and globally and has a track record of building strong working relationships and creating stunning location-based cinematic pieces.

We have passion, nostalgia and understanding of a time when filmmaking was a labour of love. A vocation that was more than a career but a burning passion to bring stories to the screen. Everything was craft, everything was crafted. Directors saw beyond budgets and imagination took them well beyond restrictions. We call this the love for ‘the art of film.’

Picture Co is a distinguished provider of multi-award-winning commercial and content creation services, specialising in every aspect of cinematic storytelling, starting from the inception of ideas to the flawless delivery of final outputs.

With an extensive portfolio of collaborations with some of the most prominent global brands, Picture Co is renowned for its unrivalled expertise and access to top-of-the-line production equipment and highly skilled crew.



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